First club fair a success



Olivia Ebersole


The first club fair was a success, despite Friday’s soaring temperatures.

All students headed out to the stadium at 1:30 for an afternoon of games, food and, most importantly, information on the schools clubs.

The clubs ranged from service clubs, to Varsity G, to a Lord of the Rings club.  The games were a major hit; tons of boys gathered on the field to play death hack, dodgeball and other games.  All was sponsored by the brand new club, Interact.

Many clubs brought food, attempting to entice students with the prospect of chocolates or gummies, and at the concessions there was tons of chips and granola bars.

Senior Katie Stanley was running the Video Game Club booth were they gained twenty-five new members that day.  Other clubs had success too, the Chefs Club gained around eight or ten members, and the Gender-Sexuality Alliance gained a whopping 103 new members.

The Granville Football Club now has 51 members which was junior Wyatt Caravana’s favorite part.

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Even with all the food available there was not quite enough water.  Not too long after the heat started getting to people, the bottled water ran out, and people were upset.

“[It was] way to long, and the boys didn’t pay any attention,” said senior Ellise Jones.

Although the loss of water didn’t stop boys from getting competitive.

Noah Flowers, freshman, played dodgeball himself and while he said it was fun it was also too hot.

Many others agreed that it was too hot, but others understood the reasoning for it being outside. Alex Eckels, junior, understood why it was outside saying that not everyone would most likely fit in the gym.

The heat even drove people under the booths.

“We had someone sit under our table for shade,” said Stanley.

All in all the club fair was a success even with Mother Nature heating up the stadium.