Proposals add flair to Homecoming



Ashlyn Brockway


Being asked to Homecoming is always a special time. It’s exciting to watch people get asked and all the different ideas the boys come up with to ask the girls. The dance is only 3 weeks away so more proposals will start to happen.

The first HC proposals was by Jacob Alexander on September 2. Jacob asked Alison DePage with a scavenger hunt. At the end she found candles that spelled out the letter “HC” and had flowers as well. The scavenger hunt was all inside jokes and led her all through the house, according to Alison.

Now that the first HC proposal has happened many more are beginning to take place. Emily Massey was asked by Zach Vanderink on September 3. There was a note on her bed that told her directions and then there was a poster with the letters “HC?” After seeing that Zach came out with chocolate strawberries to give to her, according to Emily.

These have been two proposals that have happened, and there are still many more to come. It’s a great time of the year for school and for everyone who gets involved in getting asked/proposing to the Homecoming dance.