Best Super Bowl performances of all time


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This is the official photo of the Super Bowl Performance 2022.

Ella Kunar, Social Media Editor

In the weeks that follow Super Bowl LVI, many people began to debate and discuss popular halftime shows. This year’s performance was good and had a nice meaning behind it, but it was not one of the best. These are the Best Super Bowl Performances of all Time (not in order).

JLO and Shakira (2020)

Starting off with the best performance ever (hot take). These two women are not only incredible performers, but they also have an unbelievable amount of stamina in their voices. There is never a dull moment in this performance because these women are always catching your eye with their funky dance moves and upbeat songs. 

Katy Perry (2015)

There’s no doubt that Katy Perry is an amazing singer. What sets her performance apart from others is her impressive set design. She starts her performance off with a 1,600 lb lion. There’s also human chess pieces. She is a great performer; however, she has other attributes in her performance that add to the overall impression. 

Micheal Jackson (1993)

Michel Jackson is just a natural born performer. He has an incredible stage presence and famous dance moves. Not only was his performance amazing, but he also took a stance against racism and childhood suffering. He also had a giant inflatable globe that was pretty advanced for that time. 

Beyonce (2013)

Another amazing performance is Beyonce’s. She is sassy on stage and is constantly dancing. She has an even better voice live than she does in the studio. Her stamina in her voice while she is dancing is just unbelievable. She also finishes with “halo” and it is breathtaking. 

Prince (2007)

An essential mention is Prince because many think his performance was the best of all time. He has an incredible voice and great songs, no doubt about it. However, his actual performance lacked excitement. There was hardly any dancing or moving from his original spot. 

Madonna (2012)

Another fan favorite is Madonna. She is a great performer, but the coolest part of this performance is her incredible set and electrice vibe. Her walk out is captivating, which sets the whole performance off for success. 

Justin Timberlake (2018)

Though this was a pretty controversial performance, Justin Timberlake has a great stage presence and there is really never a dull moment with his performance. He is a great dancer and has great background dancers as well. His performance had a very high entertainment level.