Mr. Durst resigns as school principal


Ella Kunar

Mr. Durst works in his office.

Ella Kunar, Social Media Editor

Principal Matthew Durst resigned as school principal at the school board meeting on Feb. 14 in order to work at his family business.

Durst worked for his family business when he was younger, but felt called to work in education. 

“The job was fine, I wasn’t in love with it,” Durst said, “I really had a passion to come into education and try to impact students.”

As time went on, he realized that he may never get an opportunity to work with his dad again. 

“I’m now 20 years older, my dad is 20 years older, and your perspective changes on things,” Durst said, “If I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to work with my dad now, it probably wouldn’t present itself again.” 

Durst’s brothers work at this business along with his father, and he is excited to spend some time with them, though he will also miss the school. 

The board accepted Durst’s resignation Febr. 14, and the job search for a new principal has begun. 

“I think the goal is to have someone by April, May, June at the latest,” Durst said. 

He is hoping after the new principal becomes board approved he can work a day or two with them and show him how Granville does things. 

“I hope that the new principal has a willingness to sit and learn and see how we do things,” Durst said, “then they can personalize if they want.”