New mobile lab moves to elementary school for MAP testing



Cole Jaquith


The new mobile lab at the high school is being moved to the elementary school to aid a new generation of kindergartners.

The new laptops as well as the mobile cart arrived at the high school over the summer, according to  District Technology Applications Coordinator Mr. Evan McCullough.

The lab was originally intended to go to the elementary school right away, but ended up sticking around at the high school, McCullough said.

The decision to move the laptops at this time is largely based on upcoming fall MAP testing.

After introducing students to computer activities, the elementary school staff realized that this generation of kindergartners didn’t know how to use a traditional computer mouse.

“The kindergartners are so used to touch screen devices that they’re picking up the mice and putting the mice on the screens to try and make things move around on the computer,” said McCullough.

According to McCullough, the new laptops, which feature touchscreen capabilities, are much more suited to the needs of elementary school students and will help them complete MAP testing more effectively.

The mobile lab is unlikely to return, leaving high school students to mourn the loss of the updated technology.