Online puzzle game Wordle takes the internet by storm


Colden Kadlic’s guess from Wordle 254.

Colden Kadlic, Staff Writer

The extremely popular online game Wordle is only continuing to grow and expand, and, because of this, it is considered one of the best puzzle games ever created. Wordle is an online puzzle game in which the player has 6 guesses to guess a random five-letter word. A new word is released every 24 hours and every player has the same word for that day. When guessing a word, the player is then informed through 3 different colored tiles about the correctness of their guess. Gray tiles mean that the letter is not in the word, yellow tiles mean that the letter is in the word but not in the right spot, and green tiles mean that the letter is in the word and in the right spot.

Wordle was created in October of 2021 by Josh Wardle, who created the game initially just for him and his partner to play as a fun way to start their day. Josh eventually decided to make the game public and it started gaining national popularity when Andy Baio a popular American technologist and blogger put the link to his game inside his blog. Josh decided to make the game free because he wanted everyone to be able to play it. 

Wordle has taken the internet by storm and no matter what social media you are on, you are sure to see something related to the game. On TikTok in particular there are several very popular creators whose accounts are strictly dedicated to the game of Wordle.

On Jan 31, 2022, the New York Times purchased the game from Josh Wardle for a number in the low seven figures. Many users have become upset with this acquisition because the New York Times is keeping the game initially free they soon plan to make it pay to play. However, this may just be for Wordle Archived a version of the game where you get to play past words.

Wordle can be an extremely difficult game so there are many tips and tricks to help you solve the puzzle. The first tip I present to you is to use a vowel dense/words with common letters as your starting word; words like Adieu, Irate, Audio, Steak, Tread. The next tip I present to you is to not overthink the words, typically these are words that you use in your everyday life so think simple. My final tip is to use a piece of paper on the side to write down your ideas and take it slow.

Wordle is currently my favorite game and my family and I compete every day to see who can get the word in the least amount of guesses. The game has a unique sharable feature that allows you to send a cool text to your friends displaying your guess. Wordle wakes up your brain in a fun way every day and I suggest you give it a try.