Fine arts students and staff prepare for Disney trip


Photo By: Teresa Wallace

The Disney Castle lit up by lights at night in the park.

Alysha Wallace, Magazine Editor

Every couple years, our fine arts students and staff will go on a trip for their respective group. Due to Covid-19, they haven’t been able to go on any trips for the last two years, so the advisers of each group came together to find a place where they can all go in order to get their trip rotation going again.

Fine Arts students and staff will travel to Disney in Florida March 10-15 for clinics, educational opportunities, and a little fun as well. Students will leave after school on Mar. 10 and will miss school on Mar. 14-15. 

While the groups are at the park, they will be able to go on rides and enjoy the fun.

“The band and choir are going to be performing while the theater students will be attending workshops,” drama teacher Sara Sharp said.  While going to workshops, they will attend a lot of the shows and see the different aspects of a show and learn how they can further improve their own programs.