Fall and winter play auditions


With the new season for the theatre department, students are shaking with excitement for the productions this year. Almost 70 students auditioned for the upcoming productions of “Our Town” and “The Real Princess and the Pea” on Tuesday, Director Sara Sharp said.

Sharp is very enthusiastic for the upcoming year.

“I’m always excited about what we can create together,” Sharp said.

This week, those who have auditioned did so on Tuesday night. They were put into small groups and read or recited each monologue they picked. Wednesday night some students were brought back for furthering auditioning.

“For certain roles and actors, it can be very obvious what is best for them,” Sharp said. “For many, it takes extra time in my own head and watching them act out scenes from the show.”

Drama students say it is always very suspenseful to not know what the directors are thinking about whom they are going to cast.

Sharp and Mrs. Stefanie Stanton, assistant director and choreographer, work together to create an amazing cast for every show.

“Stefanie Stanton and I are a great team, and we usually see eye-to-eye in making decisions,” Sharp said.

Sharp says it is very difficult to cut people from the cast.

“I love the excitement for the year, and the potential enthusiasm for the theatre. I absolutely despise cutting people who are talented,” Sharp said.

Stanton and Sharp treat the audition process like a professional theatre would.

“We do this in case students decide to go on with a career in theatre,” Sharp said.

Usually almost 70 people try out for the fall and winter shows.

“We always have more for the musical,” Sharp said.

This year, the theatre department was very surprised with the number of freshman auditioning.

“They were fantastic, and probably the strongest freshman we’ve ever had,” Sharp said. “We were very impressed with the comfort and boldness they had onstage.”

Sharp offered advice to freshman who were cut.

“Be confident. If you weren’t cast please find know there are many ways to be involved,” Sharp said.

Not only did the department gain new freshman, but they also gained new seniors.

“I’m always excited for seniors to get involved for the first time,” Sharp said. “Don’t let being a senior stop you! Always try new things in life.”

Mrs. Sharp and Mrs. Stanton are very excited for the year ahead. The cast lists were released after school on Sept. 12. There is always a way to be a part of GHS theatre productions, so if students who would like to be involved should stop by, Sharp said.

 Editor’s note: Regan McCroskey is a member of the Drama Club.