Theater department announces cast list for upcoming musical ‘Cinderella’


Colden Kadlic, Staff Writer

The drama department recently announced the cast list for “Cinderella,” which will perform in May. 

Cinderella will be played by the extremely talented Katie Menster and her stepsisters will be played by Lanie Schott and Juniper George. The cruel stepmother will be played by Ellie Hussey. Prince Charming will be played by Coen Cox and the fairy god mother will be played Ava Polling. George Turner and Anna Belt will be the king and queen.

Drama teacher Sara Sharp will direct once again. This play allows for a wide variety of actors and actresses to participate.

The original story was created by The Brothers Grimm, but Rodgers and Hammerstein and made it a musical.

This musical is a highly anticipated fan favorite and will certainly be a great experience for all viewers. It will feature a live pit orchestra and a fabulous set along with amazing singers. Preparations have begun in February in order to be ready for the May performance.