The Skyview Drive-In Theater takes audiences back to the 60s


Many of our grandparents and parents are able to say that they have all experienced a drive-in theater, but for so many of us, attending a movie in this fashion is quite a novelty. For just $8 for adult and $4 for children, the experience of a lifetime awaits.

Being surrounded by so many towns and cities, there are several places to go and enjoy a movie. One that has really caught the eye of many, the eye-catching theater is the Skyview Drive-In Theater, located in Lancaster, Ohio. Created in 1948 by Carlos Crum, Skyview Drive-In was eventually bought by an employee of 30 years, Walt, who took it over in 1994, according to the Theater’s website.

When I first discovered the Skyview Drive-In Theater in Lancaster, I knew I had to go immediately. Something about the ability to watch a movie that’s currently in theaters with the comforts of your own space (aka your car) was so intriguing to me. I was able to pull down the seats in the back seat of my car, open my trunk, and watch the movie from there.

The new-release “Planet of the Apes” as well as “Tammy” were the movies that were currently playing. Each week they play an in theaters movie, but here you are able to watch it from your car.

The drive-in is still in superb condition. Walt doing what he loves, while working side by side with his wife, to provide the audience with a memorable experience as well as quality entertainment.

Come enjoy your favorite star under the stars. From fully stocked concessions, with dirt cheap prices, to movies that were just released in theaters, this theater has got it all. It’s a must to check it out!