Nutri-Bar reopened after nearly two years


Lydia Priano

Students wait in line at the Nutra-bar during lunch. The Nutra-bar reopened on Jan. 27 after being closed for nearly two years due to Covid restrictions.

The Nutri-Bar is is Back

The Nutri-bar reopened on Jan. 27 after the Licking County Health Department (LCHD) eliminated contact tracing

After being closed for nearly two years, students are excited about the great return of the Nutri-bar, or ¨Nutch,¨as they refer to it, even though students are not permitted to visit it during study hall like before Covid. 

¨It feels like we’re getting back to a normal school year and it’s pretty exciting,¨ Michael Sarap said. 

One main reason people love the ¨Nutch¨ is the great talks with Adam Miller. Adam has been running the Nutri-bar for numerous years. He has always been someone students can talk to about anything. Adam always makes people’s days and is really the heart of the ¨Nutch.¨

 ¨Making friendships with the kids have been awesome,” Adam said. “You know just getting to know everybody, from middle school until they graduate.”

Students say they love his energy and how easy it is to talk to him. 

¨Getting the opportunities to leave during class and go to the Nutch and talk to Adam about him knowing your life,¨ Emily Mcnabb said. 

From cookies to pretzels, the great food options have students coming back for years.

With a staff shortage in the school due to Covid, reopening the Nutribar also helps the kitchen staff. 

¨Gives people some more options, plus take a little bit of the weight of the kitchen staff,¨ Adam said.