Ella Hoover receives All-American award for Fall 2021 season


Dawn Hoover

Ella Hoover poses for a picture at the All-American ceremony at the Kansas City Convention Center.

Alysha Wallace, Magazine Editor

Junior Ella Hoover was awarded the All-American honors by coaches all around the state voting for her outstanding Fall 2021 season.

Hoover’s superb season started off as her being named captain of the varsity squad. She then went on to score 12 goals and assist in 15 which led her to be awarded with All-American honors.

“She is really good out of the air and I enjoy having her on my team,” fellow captain junior Ella Schneider said.

Hoover is the fifth player from the girls soccer program to be awarded with All-American recognition.

The All-American ceremony and reception was held at the Kansas City Convention Center on Jan. 22.

“They started with speeches by professional players and coaches then got into awards. They started with mens college then worked their way down,” Hoover said.

In order to receive All-American honors, there is a sophisticated procedure.

“The process to get All-American starts at league level. 1st team honorees in the league are nominated and voted on at the district level by the coaches in their respective districts,” Forster said. 

Players then go on to be voted at the state level. If they make it that far, they are at a point where they can be awarded with All-American honors.

Many of Hoover’s teammates believed that she deserved the award after the outstanding fall season that she had.

“I was very proud of her and happy that she received it,” Schneider said.