Rompers: fashion never fades


Olivia Ebersole


Fashion trends come and go.  But sometimes they go and then come back.  This season, it’s all about rompers, which were popular in the late 70s.  Not quite a dress, nor a pair of shorts, the romper has been a common sight in the school.

Last year rompers were just coming into style while this year, people everywhere are wearing them.  They come in all colors, sizes and styles.  They’re easy to buy (they’re everywhere), easy to put on, and easy to make an outfit with. Riley Torrence and Renata Irving both said they don’t like to have to match a shirt and shorts, and the obvious solution to that is the romper.

“They flow, are loose and comfortable,” said senior Vega Theophilus.

Sarah Tyler, senior, likes wearing a romper because as she puts it one can “do gymnastics in it.”

Of course there’s always that one problem with any kind of one piece: going to the bathroom.  It may sound like a personal problem, but anyone who has worn a rompers knows the trouble of having to go.

“You have to take all your clothes off, and it’s really annoying,” said Torrence. The romper is very similar to a one piece swimsuit, but for dry land.

Even with the hassles of the romper, some own up to seven rompers alone.  Of course that’s usual of any fashion trend.  But even though rompers may seem like they just came into style, they didn’t.  They are in the back of some closets from old high school days of our teachers.

When she was a student, Mrs. Sattelmeyer wore rompers herself.  In fact, in her junior high gym class they were required to wear a type of romper, a romper experience that scarred her, she said.  Although this terrible experience didn’t stop her from owning some of her own fashionable rompers.

“We didn’t call them rompers later on,” she said.  Instead they called them jumpsuits or one pieces.  She also wore long and short culottes, which are also back in style.  Her favorites were culottes.

After her initial surprise of finding out they were being worn again, Satttlemeyer said she felt pretty much the same way she felt about them when she was wearing them: sometimes they were great, sometimes not so much.  She also had some perfect fashion advice.

“If you feel confident that you look great then you should wear it.”

Simple and sweet.

So, rompers may seem new and hip, but don’t be surprised when you look in your mom’s old clothes and find a few of hers.