Opinion: Benefits of a later start

The amount of sleep students get can have many effects on them throughout the day. Granville students should start school at a later start time like we did last year.

 A lot say they think we need to start early because we need a full day of school. 

Although that can be a concern, even with the shortened day last year, we still met the school requirement even with the shorter day. 

The teachers and students can both agree that by starting later, everyone is more awake and productive during class. Students also have sports, work, homework, and other activities which make them have to go to bed late. 

It is proven that high school students need 8-10 hours of sleep every night. In recent years, it was shown that by schools starting later, students are guaranteed to get the sleep that they need.

By starting at a later time we will make sure to stay focused in every class and not waste time so we get everything done. We can also not have an Ace period or late arrivals to have more time in the day.