Opinion: Young women across the country need to be concerned about the passing of the Heartbeat Bill

Abby Sanders, Sports Editor

With the passing of the Heartbeat Act in Texas, getting an abortion is now nearly impossible for those who live there, and women across the country are fearing for their reproductive rights even more. The Heartbeat Bill bans any access a woman has to an abortion procedure after six weeks into their pregnancy. It also gives citizens the power to sue any person that aides a woman in having an abortion.

According to the Texas Tribune, this is the strictest bill related to abortion to be passed in the U.S. The Heartbeat Act must be protested against and our country needs to make more of an effort to protect women and their rights. Men in the government should not get to decide what women are and are not allowed to do with their own bodies.

Some people believe that they know what is best for women and feel as though they are protecting thousands of lives by putting this law in place. Head government officials in Texas believe that after six weeks, an embryo has the right to life and therefore anyone who has helped with an abortion can be sued.

What those people do not understand though, is that embroys do not even possess a heartbeat at that stage of development. Contrary to what some believe, abortion is not murder and never will be. This law does not save lives, but instead puts more lives at risk due to dangerous pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

Most women do not even realize that they are pregnant until around six weeks. As stated in an article by the Cleveland Clinic, the majority of women discover they are pregnant four to seven weeks into the pregnancy. By the time a woman misses her period and realizes she may be pregnant, it is almost always past that six week mark. That timeline was made so that women would have nearly no chance of accessing a safe abortion in time.

Women should have the right to decide what to do with their bodies; it is not anyone else’s job to tell them what they can and cannot do. Texas legislatures claim abortion is immoral and should be illegal. In a demographic study by the Texas Tribune, it was found that eighty-nine percent of Texas legislatures were Christian, over seventy-five percent of them male, and over seventy-percent of them white. Despite those people never having to experience bringing a child into this world, they are making the decisions on this topic, when they really should have no say on this topic.

When getting an abortion has more legal consequences that commiting rape, it should be clear that something is wrong with the government and those supporting it. While that does not mean the solution is making an exception for cases of rape or incest, they only way to bring justice to this issue is to eliminate abortion laws completely.

As a country, we need to protect women and their rights. The quickest and easiest ways to share the importance of giving women rights to their own bodies is to call or email state legislatures. We have the power to make a large impact on this issue and it is important we use our power to help calm the fears of both the young girls and women in our country. By doing this, we can stop strict abortion laws from spreading throught our country and help to give women the decision to decide what happens to their bodies