Granville wins the National Blue Ribbon Award.

This is the 2021 Blue Ribbon Award Pendant.

This is the 2021 Blue Ribbon Award Pendant.

Ella Kunar, Social Media Editor

Granville High School is one out of two high schools to win the National Blue Ribbon Award. 

The National Blue Ribbon Award is an award given to schools across the nation who show excellence within the school. Principal Matt Durst talks about his excitement of the award. 

“It’s fun. It is a really cool honor for us to have.” Durst said.

This is the third time Granville High School has won this award since the award was created in 1982.

“The high school has won the National Blue Ribbon Award three times now,” Durst said, “We won in 1998… we won in 2005, my first year in the district. And now we won it again.”

The US Department of Education bases this award on the school’s “overall academic excellence.” 

“We won the award because our students are amazing at things like state tests, AP tests, those types of measurable things.”

Durst will be attending a ceremony in Washington D.C. to accept the award on behalf of Granville High school. 

“That will be a nice way to spend some time with principals from other Blue Ribbon schools,” Durst said, “The networking opportunities are one of the parts I’m looking most forward to.” 

This award is special to Granville High School because of the challenging obstacles faced last year. 

“Last year was hard for students and staff alike,” Durst said, “It’s a nice point of celebration”