The return of Powder Puff

Junior and senior girls will battle it out on the field again


Matt Chaykowski

The Junior Powder Puff team practices for the game.

Danielle Varrasso, Business Manager

The tradition of the “Powder Puff” game, where the girls got a chance to compete in football, was stopped a few years ago with the ending to Midnight Madness. This was something the upperclassman wanted to start again because it was a lot of fun for all students.

Some seniors proposed the idea to Athletic Director Adam Devoll and Principal Matt Durst, who gave them the okay. The game will be juniors versus seniors in a 7v7 flag football format. It will be held on October 17th, under the lights at the new Hodge stadium.

“I’m most excited for the atmosphere and how it is going to be like a football game, and how we are going to have large student sections,” said Ella Hoover.

The teams will be coached by members of the football team. They make plays, run practices, and decide the lineup for the girls.

“I’m just trying to spread the game of football, I want everyone to enjoy it and have a great time,” Senior Head Coach Kaison Durham said. 

The teams have started practices in preparation for the game. While the juniors are trying to make a name for themselves and the seniors try to defend their superiority. The game is starting to get competitive.

When asked how the juniors will do against the seniors, Coach Matt Chaykowski said, “We have a great nutrition coach, great head coach, and great offensive coordinator, those are our strengths and just overall athletic players.”

Both teams consist of athletes in many different sports, all bringing different qualities to the field. The main idea was that all students are given the opportunity to play on a team, and create a closer bond with their class. 

“I was happy to see Powder Puff come back because it is a fun opportunity and gives me a chance to hang out with people I would not normally see,” senior Liv Piatt said.

The Powder Puff game will include the band, football players, the student section, and girls from all sports. 

“We always watch boys all the time and I think it is time to give the girls a chance,” Liv Piatt said.