Crackdown on backpacks

Adminastration warns students to leave backpacks in their lockers throughout the school day


Abby Sanders

Emery Johnson carries multiple binders, textbooks and notebooks throughout the day. “I think having backpacks would benefit students and help teachers with kids not having to disrupt class to go to their lockers,” Johnson said.

Abby Sanders, Sports Editor

Despite the rule of students not being allowed to carry backpacks around the school, some continue to do so, raising many concerns with both teachers and administration. 

Many students try to bring a backpack to their last-period class in order to avoid after-school traffic. Besides students being told to put their backpacks away, students have not been given any severe punishments. With many classrooms already full, there is no room for every student to have a backpack with them as well, according to teachers. Physics teacher Mike Bait said he understands why students want backpacks, but says he does not have the space for backpacks to be kept safely. 

“When all of the science equipment is out, there is just no room to put them, ” Bait said. “During class, I am not paying attention to what is on the floor so I could easily trip and cause a scene I know the kids do not want to see.”

Principal Matt Durst is not concerned about students bringing weapons into the school, but he is concerned about students having the ability to easily carry around illegal substances.

“For me, it is not so much a safety issue; it is students knowing that they can carry vapes, and other substances that are not allowed on school property,” Durst said. 

Even though there have been emails sent out by Durst about the no toleration rule regarding backpacks, students including Eli Kretchmar, argue that carrying a backpack helps them to stay organized and makes for fewer trips to their lockers during class periods. 

“It is super hard to carry my books around to each class and I have dropped all of my stuff in the hallways multiple times when I am switching classes,” Kretchmar said. 

With the continuing push from the students and class officers at Granville, Durst has heard a lot of talk over backpacks. 

“I completely get why students want to have their backpacks throughout the day,” Durst said. “But I just do not see the rule changing anytime soon.”