A night under the stars

Homecoming 2021 has been moved outside.


Freshman celebrate Homecoming last year by putting together a ‘Foco’ they got dressed up and went out to dinner, since there was no dance. Photo courtesy of Alyvia Kato.

Isabella Cox, Promotions manager

It has been up in the air this school year, what will Homecoming 2021 look like for Granville students? Last year there was no Homecoming dance due to covid, so the students and staff wanted to do all they could to have a dance this year.

With that being said, Homecoming will be held outside by the Walter J. Hodges Stadium. New opportunities and ideas are opening up for the night, since it is outside, there are much fewer restrictions put in place.

Students are eager to see the full set up of the dance.

“I’m excited to see what the new location can bring,” senior Carly Mayer said.

But, there have been some concerns brought up with the dance being moved to an outside location.

“If it’s good weather, the dance will be held outside from 7-10 pm. If it is lousy weather we will give people a heads up, use the same time frame, but just push the dance inside,” principal Matt Durst said.

All necessary precautions are being taken to ensure that the students get their long-awaited Homecoming dance.

It is going to be a fun “night under the stars,” senior class adviser Elizabeth Simmons said.