Opinion: Homecoming dance should be as normal as possible

A picture from Granvilles Homecoming in 2016, when students got to have a normal dance

A picture from Granville’s Homecoming in 2016, when students got to have a normal dance

Isabella Cox, Promotion manager

The Homecoming dance is something all students look forward to every year. Girls buy their dresses months in advance and boys start thinking about who they want to ask. Everyone gets excited to dance the night away with their fellow classmates. This tradition has gone on for many years, but it was ruined last year when our Homecoming dance was taken away due to Covid.

With Homecoming coming up soon, students are wondering what the dance is going to look like this year, in terms of Covid restrictions. We should try our hardest to make Homecoming as normal as possible. There are many ways we can go about this to make it happen. 

Other schools are holding their Homecoming dance outside, which could be a good option for us. Having the dance outside would be safer for the students in terms of distancing for Covid. Students should also be willing to wear masks for the dance if needed.

Obviously, the dance will not be how it was two years ago, for we are not quite to that place yet. I understand that we want to protect our community from the virus, but we need to think about our students and cut them some slack. 

Students have had multiple events either altered or completely taken away from them ever since the coronavirus disease broke out. Last year there was no Homecoming dance at all. It would be a shame for me and my fellow seniors to say that we only got to attend two Homecoming dances within our four years of high school. 

With that being said, we should be doing our best to fight for the senior’s final Homecoming.