From Mexico to America


Anna Minton


It is only human nature to detest moving to a new place. Most people would find it difficult to move to a new city, even if it is only a few minutes away. However, a brave few choose to voluntarily uproot themselves and head to a new place full of new people.

These people are called exchange students.

It was a long journey for Omar Kobrossi to end up in Granville. Omar arrived this year from Mexico, and said that he came mainly to work on his second language, English.

“I have a passion for learning English,” Kobrossi said.

He hails from the city of Merida and has grown up with a brother and a sister. His father owns a construction company and his mother is a lawyer. So far he said that he enjoys Granville, although it is almost nothing like his city.

“There are no real similarities,” he said.

He is also a passionate sports fan and enjoys soccer. He is currently on the Granville soccer team and, as a fan, he supports Manchester United.

Omar has traveled to the states many times in his life and has seen more of our country than most Americans. He has been to Las Vegas, Seattle and New York just to name a few. He is scheduled to return home sometime next year.