Some students struggle in transition to a ‘normal’ school year


Ella Kunar

Ava Poling works on homework during class. She enjoys this school year because she can work with a paper and pencil.

Ella Kunar, Social Media Editor

Class structure is relatively back to normal compared to last year, but some students are having a hard time adjusting to the workload this year.

Last year the school started an hour later and many students were dealing with heightened anxiety due to the inconsistency caused by of COVID. The administration decided that because of this, the teachers would not be expected to get through everything.

“Last year what we communicated with the teachers was to only teach 70% of what they would do in a normal school year,”  Principal Matt Durst said. “Last year was weird COVID, this is more normal COVID.”

Now that all classes are in person again, teachers are teaching their classes in a more traditional way, and some students say the transition has been difficult.

“Last year the teachers wanted to go easy on us because we were already transitioning through something pretty scary… the pandemic,” sophomore Maggie Miller said. “Most teachers have accepted that COVID is over, but it isn’t. So now they are piling on the work and I think a lot of people are struggling with that transition.” 

Teachers had open note tests last year due to the access that online students had to be able to cheat. Many changed their policies from last year to make tests closed again. They are able to teach some more material because the administration approved it.

“I moved back to closed note quizzes,” social studies teacher Elizabeth Muhlenkamp said “There was no way to ensure test safety and security last year, but now we can… I am also able to add some more material back into my lessons because I have kids face to face. ”

The seniors are the only class that has had a full, normal year of high school, so they might be adjusting easier to the normal high school life.

“I don’t think there is a difference homework wise from last year,” senior Davidson Jump said. “However, all tests last year were open note, but this year they aren’t. I guess that makes it a little more difficult, but prepares me more.”

Junior Sejal Sutliff disagrees with Jump. She claims that a lot of students are feeling the pressure of this school year with an increased workload compared to last year. 

“We didn’t have a normal year last year and teachers are giving us the full workload. It is really hard to adjust to the workload and tests this year,” Sutliff said.