Students, teachers adjust to Ace Period

Senior Ella Young works on math homework during Ace Period.

Danielle Varrasso

Senior Ella Young works on math homework during Ace Period.

Danielle Varrasso, Business Manager

Ace Period has been put into place for the 2021-2022 school year in an effort to match up the middle school and high school schedules. It is a thirty-minute period on Tuesdays and Thursdays that provides mini-lessons and study hall time.

A common bell schedule has been a goal for a while now, according to Principal Matt Durst. In order to do this the middle school agreed to have one less period, and to compromise the high school will now have an Ace Period on the same days. With it being a new idea, Durst said there is room for change.

“Idea wise let’s give it a shot, if we get through a quarter or a semester and everyone’s like… I feel like we can do something that would be better, then we are just going to listen through the year and make adjustments where we need to,” Durst said.

Math teacher Janie Waidelich agreed that the students and staff should give it more time to see how they feel about it, and the benefits. 

“I feel like after the first semester we might have a better idea of what’s happening,“ Waidelich said. “I find the study hall part of Ace Period helpful, to work with kids during school hours.”

Students appreciate the shortened schedules but some are skeptical of how beneficial it truly is.  “I don’t have a study hall, and it is my senior year, and I’m taking 3 AP classes, and I don’t think the Ace Period is beneficial,” senior Alex Williams said.

There seems to be more interest in seeing the study hall portion continue, and not as much the mini-lessons. 

“It is interesting. I would rather just keep it like a study hall,” sophomore Piper Altemose told us.

The staff has an understanding that students will give honest feedback, and are willing to make improvements. They are open to experimenting with new ideas. 

“What I expect to happen through the school year is that we fall in love with some things about Ace Period, and then we change some things about Ace Period,” Durst said.