Madeline Barket

You love their food, their music, their fashion and their culture, but not them? 

Growing up in South Korea and then the East Coast, I grew to have a large and deeply ingrained appreciation of Asian culture. Some of my best memories are while I was living overseas or when I was hanging out in elementary school with my best friend, who happened to be a Filipina.

Years later, my family, accustomed to eating takeout of up to 17 nationalities, moved to Granville, which was a huge change for me. Not only did the people I was surrounded with act differently and talk differently, they also looked different. 

After living here for half a year, I now consider myself to be a resident of Granville and think that as a whole, we need to make some positive changes in the community when we address POCs. One major change that we all need to partake in is respecting other cultures. During these tough times, POCs who are from Asisan countries have been exponentially harassed and mistreated.

Around school, I have heard racist and insensitive comments including a racial slur of choice, often followed by a rude adjective or something about a bat. In addition to racial slurs and comments, some people have the tendency to think that all Asian people are somehow from China. This is a giant oversight on the speaker’s part because there are some 3.5 billion other people who are from Asia and are not Chinese and have every right  be offended when someone makes assumptions about their ethnicity. 

In addition to verbally respecting our Asian brothers and sisters we need to stand up fro them. All around the country, Asian Americans have been the subject of racially-driven attacks. This is 100% not okay and should not be treated lightly.

Walking around my school, I have heard jokes about that one grandmother who was attacked on the subway, followed by immense laughter. Assault is not to be accepted or even something to be indifferent about. A man attacking an elderly lady is not comical in the slightest and every time you hear one of these jokes it is your responsibility to stand up and take action.

Only by building each other up can we get through tough times, and there is no point in bullying someone, or a group of someone, who you don’t even talk to. You should always treat others, especially people you don’t know with kindness and respect at all times.