Best local restaurants for dining with friends

photo courtesy of day y noche

photo courtesy of day y noche

Wyatt Rivers

With summer just around the corner, and the masses choosing to venture out of their homes, look no further than the Granville Village’s star restaurants during the daylight hours. These restaurants in question have gained quite the reputation in their lifespan and are constantly obtaining and maintaining all sorts of new and old customers. The Broadway Pub, Mai Chau and River Road are all the most notable considerations due to their apparent popularity and consistent intake of business. They have held up towards their expectations quite well and rank themselves among the best in town experiences when both hanging around with your friends or just casually dining with the family.

Mai Chau

For those wanting to get a taste of the Vietnamese culture, look no further than Mai Chau. Located on 138 N Prospect St., Mai Chau delivers an assortment of uniquely presented foods ranging from chicken wings to noodle soups. Ordering food is also done differently than other places and uses a system of ordering your food and picking it up at the front similar to that of a deli or any fast food restaurant.

Maria Law has been attending the restaurant since it first opened. “I love everything about Mai Chau,” Law said. “It is a great place to go for a quick bite with friends, and all of their food is amazing,” she noted. “Mai Chau has a laid back, fun atmosphere that keeps me and my friends coming back.”

Law has always been interested in nutrition, and recommends Mai Chau for anyone looking for a somewhat healthy option. “Their food isn’t only good when it’s made fresh, but leftovers and takeout are always good too,” Law stated. “All of the servers are always very helpful and kind, I have never had a bad experience with their staff. The food itself is always very fresh, and they have options for everyone,” she said.

River Road Coffee House

River Road Coffee, located on 935 River Rd., is the perfect place to drop by if in the mood for a plentiful breakfast, or just a personalized cup of coffee. Detailing the overall atmosphere of the restaurant, it presents its customers with a comfortable touch in design alongside an energized cast of employees. Its diverse menu with an assortment of pastries, snacks, and other foods makes it a perfect place to grab a quick and plentiful snack if on the go.

Addy Hampton is a regular at the popular coffee shop. “The overall quality of the food is amazing,” Hampton said. “I love their bagels and scones in the morning. They are always fresh and perfectly baked.”

Hampton has been attending River Road for years, “The atmosphere is perfect… I love the small-town coffee house feel. I especially enjoy how they showcase local art and artists. My favorite aspect of the restaurant is the feel the workers give me, and how nice and cheerful they are. I have never had a bad experience with a worker. They are always nice, create small talk and work quickly to make my order,” she said.

The Broadway Pub

The Broadway Pub, located on 126 Broadway E, is an American bar styled restaurant with many fan favorite foods such as burgers, pizza, wings, and an assortment of sides and drinks. It works as both a location for lunch and dinner and grants its customers access to seats at both tables and at the bar. A wide opened window at the front of the restaurant also allows its customers to not only view a scenic part of Granville’s village, but to also get a fresh breath of air.

“The Broadway Pub offers the typical American cuisine when you think of a pub,” hostess Caroline Comisford said. “We have everything from a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and even pasta. We also always have cheesecake and carrot cake for dessert too which are both super tasty.”

Comisford recommends that customers get to the restaurant early, especially on weekends. “We’re always super busy on weekends so that’s no shock,” she said. “I would say on an average night we’re seating and taking to-go orders from hundreds of people throughout each day. On an average night, I take 100+ to-go orders”

Although chain restaurants can be good, there is nothing like the hometown feel of a local establishment. Customers will not be disappointed if they stop in downtown Granville for a quick bite, or for a family dinner. Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority at the restaurants listed above. Not only that, but the food is simply outstanding. With many of these places having the option of outdoor dining or takeout, anyone can have a taste of their delicious meals.