Kids weave themselves into trouble with the dress code

Gillian McCracken


Every year, students think to believe that the dress code changes, whether it is changing the minimum length of short or taking something completely out of the everyday wardrobe for the students, like leggins.

In the student handbook under “Student Dress and Grooming” section, students are told to “dress to the grooming guidelines to promote discipline, maintain order, secure the safety of the students, etc.” Usually when getting in trouble with dress code, the student is first given a warning, on the second offense receives demerits, and a phone call home. On the third offense and beyond, there is a two-hour Saturday school.

While asking teachers about how they feel about dress code, Mr. Carpenter’s response was, “I believe that it is necessary to be dressed appropriately in an educational setting. It is not different from requirements of the work place”.

There are many different opinions on how the school dress code should be changed, removed, or added to.