Seniors demand new couches for lounge


Seniors Jake Dorman and Barrett Williams work on homework on the tattered couches in the Senior Lounge. PHOTO BY MADELINE WALKER

Madeline Walker


As the new school year begins, another group of GHS seniors get to take their place in the sun. For many upperclassmen, it feels good to finally enjoy privileges awarded to the senior class. This includes finally being able to sit in the senior lounge. However, for many students, the experience of seniority is dampened by one thing. The couches are in severe disrepair.

“They’re in really bad shape,” senior Emily Fouts said. “Especially the ones that people put their feet on.”

Fouts was not incorrect; the leather was ripped and many of the arm rests were stained with food.

“I like the couches themselves, especially the black leather,” Fouts said. “They just need to be replaced badly. It’s crazy how much ware students can do in just a few years.”

The general consensus is that most students do think new couches are necessary. Seniors, including Fouts, believe that new couches are a good use of the class’s money. Some say that this gives upcoming classes an opportunity to create their own “Dream Lounge.”

School principal Mr. Matt Durst agreed that the couches should be replaced. According to senior class treasurer, Arel Neuenschwander, a meeting is scheduled soon to discuss the couch issue.

With the administration’s support and a senior class of strong leaders, underclassmen can rest assured knowing they will most likely have a nice place to sit when they are seniors.