Gym floor replaced after water damage



Cole Jaquith


The new high school gym floor is finally ready for use for the 2015-16 school year.

The floor was severely damaged last spring when a high flying softball broke a sprinkler head during a team practice. The original plan was to repair the damaged area, but the entire floor ended up having to be replaced after it was discovered that water had spread nearly halfway across the gym. The project was completed by Final Floor Inc., a multipurpose flooring company that services Indiana, Ohio and West Virginia. The total cost was $140,000, all of which was covered by insurance.

The installation, which began in the third week of May, was supposed to be done in July but wasn’t completed until August. Denison University had their gym floor replaced this summer as well and installation only lasted six weeks, according to Principal Mr. Matt Durst.

“It was kind of like trying to push a rope uphill,” said Durst while describing the process.

New cages have been placed over the sprinklers to prevent any future issues.

“It (a ball breaking a sprinkler head) was like winning the lottery,” said athletic director Mr. Kevin Jarrett. “Who knows, though? It could happen six or seven more times. It’s good to be safe.”

The incident did produce some humor though. Last year’s senior class president Olivia Simon broke the sprinkler, so Durst had a surprise for her.

“I gave her the $140,000 softball at graduation,” Durst said. “I signed it and everything.”