Parking gives seniors another reason to complain


Hunter Brown


Some seniors are upset by lower lot parking spots.

Typically underclassmen and some of the junior class have to park in the lower lot. Seniors traditionally receive the best spots at the school, right behind all of the teachers and administrators, because they have been in high school the longest.

Senior Braeden Leigh is one of the unhappy seniors who has to park in the lower lot.

“I am a senior parking in the lower lot, which sucks enough already, but I also do not appreciate the extra walking I have to do every morning in Sperry’s,” Leigh said.

Principal Mr. Matt Durst said that seniors who were assigned spaces in the lower lot turned in their forms late.

“We (the school) hands each student a parking spot form, so if you (the student) do not turn that in, I have no sympathy for you,” Durst said.

It seems as though the seniors who did not turn in the parking spot form are going to have to deal with their lower lot spot for the rest of the year. So at the end of this year, students need to get that form in before summer break because if they do not, they will suffer the same fate.