Marching band gains new members


Anna Minton


The marching band has increased its number of members this year, along with its influence on the school.

“Numbers are a little in flux with kids moving in and out, but last year we had about 76 in the band, and this year we have 106,” band director Jerod Smith said.

Out of these new members, about 45 have never played in a marching band before, according to Smith. In addition, around 30 are eighth graders.

Smith attributes the jump in participants to the larger eighth and ninth grade classes.

“We’ve got larger younger grades that seem to be sticking with it,” Smith said, “so there are larger groups to pull from.”

Smith also reports that the marching band’s goal and message itself is attracting more attention.

“What it is were doing—the exciting shows, music you hear on the radio, dancing a lot, having a lot of fun– seems to be getting more attention and excitement from the school and the community.”

Despite the change in participation, the purpose of the marching band has stayed the same, according to Smith.

“Our whole purpose is to rally more school support and pride for what we do,” Smith said. “And to work together to build that sense of pride and excitement.”