Most important news events of 2014-15


In this 2014-2015 school year, we’ve experienced it all. From the announcement of Homecoming Court, to the all-school lockdown, our school has been through it. Here’s a list of some of the most important news events of 2014-2015.

Scoring an “A” on the state report card

Every year the state gives a “report card” to schools, evaluating them on 24 requirements. This year, our school met all 24 of them, earning an “A.”

Homecoming Court announced

Another memorable event was the announcement of the Homecoming Court. On the guy’s side it included Trevor Steyn, Ashton Plute and Christian Mcdermott. The girls’ court included Shannon Murphy, Brooke Murphy and Charlotte Purnode.

Snow day rumors

With the many snow days this year, rumors were raging as students wondered how graduation, make up work, and other things would be handled. It was discovered that despite rumors, seniors would not be given fake diplomas, and make-up work would be given in the form of “blizzard bags.”

PARCC test

This year, our school was one of the 13 oh so lucky states to try out the new PARCC test. It was given to Middle schoolers and freshmen, and not very popular.

Getting rid of My Big Campus

Many students are still traumatized from the loss of Moodle, but took comfort in the new school program of My Big Campus. Unfortunately, our new LMS (learning management system) has announced that it will be discontinuing My Big Campus.

The signing of the contract

Mid-year, Mr Durst and Mr. Carpenter signed contracts that ensure them a job here for two years.

Gym floors ruined

Earlier this year, softball practice was held in the gym. During one of these practices, a softball hit one of the sprinklers in the gym, causing it to go off. This caused a lot of damage to the wood flooring, and the school still isn’t sure what to do about the events in the gym that take place over the summer.