My last Rambling


(BluePrints Staff Photo // Dustin Braden)


1:43 a.m.

It’s strange having to write this rambling for that very fact: I have to write it. Every other rambling has been on a topic or idea that I felt like writing about at 2 in the morning. Sleep deprivation, anxiety and are the stepping stones which lead you to a rambling by yours truly.  It seemed like  the best thing to do with my time if it wasn’t going to be spent sleeping. I thought that whatever I lost from my involuntary delves in insomnia would be justified by my improved writing skills and work ethic. Well, I can confidently report that my work ethic has belly-flopped into oblivion, so that’s one tick on the performance review. However, I do feel my writing has improved exponentially during my year of service for BluePrints Magazine. It’s been a challenging experience I like to think I handled pretty well. Whether Mrs. Tolbert agrees with me is a different matter.

And further more, a lot of you enjoyed my work. A good few of you didn’t, and I tell myself that’s ok, because it is. It is impossible to please everyone, especially if what you say is strongly opinionated and personal. But I like writing. It seems I find forming complete thoughts using a vocabulary I don’t have the luxury of having on hand in conversation, thoroughly enjoyable. Which is a good thing, because I was well overdue on finding something I was decent at. I always thought I was more right brain than left brain, and it would appear I have produced some evidence to support that. I consider myself thoughtful if nothing more, and for now I’m fine with that.

I’m going to cut this one short because I don’t like the tone of this one. It feels forced to me, like when I had to go to confession in Church. Here I am, dumping some thoughts in front of you in a manner that feels obligatory rather than playful. Alright, enough of this. I am almost as unhappy with this send-off as I am with my haircut (almost). I suppose I’ll finish with this: thank you for your interest, time, and support for these silly little ramblings. It was greatly appreciated.