Top five sports moments of high school


The 2015 class has had a lot of sports success throughout the four years we have been here.  On the field there has been many league championships on the field, but Ohio sports fans have also had many great moments to watch on the television as well.

These are the best moment’s high school moments for the senior class.

5. Junior year lacrosse game vs. New Albany

Going into last year’s game, the senior class had a 0-3 record against New Albany, although that didn’t stop the Aces from maintaining a close game through regulation.  In overtime the Aces held off NA while still being 2 men down.  Eventually Cole Jaquith hit a shot from outside the box to win the game in OT.

4. Junior year Columbus Blue Jackets playoff series

The city of Columbus and the surrounding areas gave locals a reason to be excited last spring.  The Jackets had their first playoff series in over 5 years and were able to have their first playoff win.  The Jackets also had an overtime win which capped off a 3 goal comeback.

3. Freshmen year: Newark Generals win states

The Newark Generals had a great following freshmen year and a lot of Granville students came out to the chiller to see them battle Jackson for the state cup.  The Generals maintained a lead for the whole game, and ended up with a one goal win, then going to Utah for Nationals.

2. Senior year: Ohio State are the undisputed champs

The Buckeyes were thought to be a disappointment after they lost to Virginia Tech in their home opener.  After beating Alabama in the semifinals, the buckeyes dominated Oregon to win the first College Football Playoffs, and their first national championship in over 12 years.

1. Junior year: Licking Valley game

The last game of the season last year had the Aces in the Valley, the game was a touchdown game throughout the game. The Aces ended up with a touchdown drive to win the game and Jett Nye recovered a kick to win the game as the fans stormed the field.

The Aces sure have had their share of sports moments that they will be able to remember for the rest of their lives.