Mrs. Gardner gives the iPhone 6 the thumbs up



Before the release of the iPhone 6, English teacher Mrs. Gardner did not really have any desire to upgrade from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6. It was her husband who surprised her by leaving early the morning of the iPhone 6’s release, since her iPhone 5 had frozen up the night before, and going to the Apple store to wait in line.

He came back with the regular version of the newest edition, in gold “and that is my favorite feature of the phone because I have always wanted it,” Mrs. Gardner emphatically states. Even though it is not the largest version of the phone, she still claims that the regular version is a little too big because she cannot reach her thumb from the bottom right-hand corner to the top-left hand corner.

Mrs. Gardner finds the new phone very fragile and she is worried about dropping it. She confesses that she has dropped it “a couple of times” which really scared her.

Her favorite thing to do on her phone is create new wallpapers on an app called “Monogram,” which is one of her favorite apps, along with Pinterest, which she says she would “literally die without.” Mrs. Gardner also likes the new health app, which she can link with her old Nike + iPod fitness data.

Mrs. Gardner has nothing but praise for Apple’s new iPhone 6. From the gold accents, to the mechanics within the phone, she loves it all, and you will, too.