Dak’s Top 5: Grace Havens

In this week’s edition, sophomore Grace Havens covered a wide span of genres by choosing pop, country, rap, and hip-hop. This list is comprised of her personal favorites, some of which are popular right now or have been in the past decade.

Grace has picked a slew of songs and artists, covering all aspects of mainstream favorites like the great work of new artist ILOVEMAKONNEN, whose voice has the power to heal the sick. “Ridin’ Solo” is Luke Bauer’s favorite song of all time.

“Wagon Wheel” is a country hit right now and is loved by many middle-aged moms all around the world, while “Jesus Take the Wheel” is another moms’ favorite tune to listen to on the way to work. Umbrella definitely shines on this list because it is considered such a classic for anyone who grew up during the early 2000s. All in all, this is a sold list of contemporary and classic hits.