Dak’s Top 5: Tyler Thomas


Comprised of songs that would be categorized as classics from the early 2000s, Tyler Thomas says his list is full of songs that inspire him and help him to prepare before games. He claims he was “heavily influenced” by “Kidz Bop” and “Now That’s What I Call Hits,” thus his Top 5 was born.

We all remember these songs growing up, and that piano melody from “A Thousand Miles” has been stuck in all of our heads at some time or another. Timbaland’s “Promiscuous Girl” and “Sexy Back” both feature popular pop artists, Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, whose voices really complete each of the songs in which they’re featured.

The Backstreet Boys changed the “boy band-pop” phase with their huge hit: “I Want It That Way” which was widely accepted globally. Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” is an inspiring tune about love at a young age and everything that comes along with it.

These all are songs that most living people from this generation are familiar with and have gotten stuck in everyone’s head from time to time.