Aces top Marian River Valley in final seconds


Brothers is the overlying theme of the varsity football team. After defeating Marion River Valley and the Heath Bulldogs in the first two games of the year, they proved that they were just that.

Led by head coach JR Wait, the Blue Aces went on to defeat the Vikings, followed by defeating the Heath Bulldogs the next week.

The team faced a situation for the first game of the season; ten of their starters were suspended or injured. “We had ten sophomores and four freshmen starting,” Wait said. “We didn’t really have a frame of reference for the situation, and our guys performed great under pressure and found a way.”

The drive literally came down to the last minute and a half of the game. Freshman wide receiver, Michael Reed, was put on the spot.

“I told Michael that if we scored on this drive, he’d be getting the ball on the conversion. He is one of the fastest guys on the team, and we knew that we thought that we could count on him to get into the end zone.”

After a three minute drive, the Blue Aces did just that. Sophomore backup quarterback Jake Peterson completed an 18 yard pass to identical twin brother Jack Peterson for a touchdown to make the score 14-13. “We chose the two point conversion because if we couldn’t get three yards, we didn’t deserve to win.” Wait said.

Wait described the play as “Code Blue,” which consisted of putting linebackers Kyle Bundy, Jett Nye and Thaddeus Winston on the offensive line to block for Reed, with starting running back Trevor Steyn in the back field to block for him as well. Just barely reaching the end zone, Reed completed the conversion, giving the Aces the edge of 15-14.

“I thought I was going to pee my pants!” Reed joked. “It was a really serious situation, a total team effort.”

The drama wasn’t over yet. On the kick off, the Vikings made a substantial gain to about the 40 yard line, although the drive was not long lived. The Vikings quarterback threw up a pass towards the sideline to a receiver, but freshman free safety Bob Compton intercepted it.

That is the play that sealed the deal, while the entire crowd went crazy. “We proved that we can get through anything together as a team,” Wait said.

The final scores were 15-14 against the Vikings, and 21-12 against the Bulldogs.

This week the team faces Cambridge, who is ranked 335th in the state on Senior Night.

“It will be a great challenge,” Wait said.