Spark of success propels baseball team


The baseball team has experienced a great amount of success thus far in the season. The men’s varsity team (5-5, 4-4) have taken down a number of very good teams in the LCL like rivals Newark Catholic, Lakewood, Licking Heights, and defending LCL champs Licking Valley. They have dropped four crucial league games to Northridge, Utica, Heath and Johnstown.

“I’m still confident that we will have a good season,” said starting second-baseman Matt Crudele. “We will see all of those teams again later in the season, and we will be ready and better for them.”

The Aces have their eyes set on the big prize, winning the LCL.

“We have to take it one step at a time, but we definitely want this really badly,” said centerfield-man Zach Blumling. “If we stick together and get stuff done we will be successful.”

The Blue Aces will be taking on LCL rival Watkins Memorial Friday night. Game will be played at Watkins at 7p.m.

“We have to hit well and make sure we can strike them out. They have a pitcher going DI to Vanderbilt so that will be an issue for us, but I’m confident that we can win,” pitcher Zac Hayburn said. “It’s all about taing it one step at a time.”

The aces have had quite the start to their season and are looking to continue their hot streak.