Bye bye to winter and hello to the spring musical



This spring’s musical is Bye Bye Birdie, which is set in the late 1950s and features Elvis Presley as he is drafted into the Army. It’s considered a rock n roll comedy, which satirizes Elvis and how he was exalted by America.

There were a total of 120 positions to fill during tryouts in February, with IMG_060640 acting and singing roles, and 80 technical crew and pit orchestra members. Some of the leads, played by seniors, include: Albert Peterson, played by Will Emery, Rose Alvarez, played by Claire Bidigare-Curtis, Conrad Birdie, played by Austin Finley, and Kim Macafee, played by Regan McCroskey.

Along with the leads, the stage manager and assistant stage manager, senior Ellie Severson and junior Riley Torrence, play an important part in the production, as it is their job to keep everything organized on stage. The student directors include: junior Renata Irving, senior Sarah McKee, and junior Scott Monnin.

Come out to the spring musical production of Bye Bye Birdie on May 1 at 7pm, and May 2 at 2pm and 7pm.