Tips for writing a senior research paper

Carys Williams

It’s the time of year that strikes dread into the hearts of seniors. It is research paper time. While the part that the students do is well known what actually goes into grading is less well-known. Here are some common questions answered about the Granville research paper.

One of the most asked questions about an essay is when will it be graded. It takes “around 15-20 minutes per paper” to grade each research paper, according to English teacher Mrs. Simmons. Simmons also said that to grade all of her papers it takes around 30 to 40 hours. 

The most important criteria in the research paper is using proper research to support your points according to Simmons. It is also important for anyone to be able to pick up your essay and be able to read and understand it. 

Related to that the most important skill to demonstrate is to make a cohesive research paper using the evidence found in the research rather than paragraphs on individual topics. Make sure it flows from one point to the next well and that they all work together to support your thesis. 

‘First i look to see if all the sources in the works cited have been used’ said simmons 

After that, she reads the topic sentences and sees if they match the topic sentence. Then finally she reads the paper as a whole. 

‘There are easy points to earn in research paper formatting’

A good tip is to ay attention to formatting when it is explained. There are a good deal of points in formatting and can make a huge difference to your grade when everything is said and done. 

“It is really easy not to work on the paper each night as you should be” said simmons 

Another tip is to bring your paper up to be read before the due date and don’t wait until the last minute to write the paper. You can always get more help from the teacher if you ask for it. The teacher can also check your formatting to make sure you don’t lose out on easy points.

“I like the variety” said simmons 

With such a long list of books for students to read and prompts every essay is different and brings something new to the table.