Village gets hot new fire station


Chief Curtis

Grand opening of new fire station takes place in front of garage. Photo courtesy of Granville Fire Department

The fire station held a grand 0pening for its new and improved fire station on Oct. 31.

Fire Chief Casey Curtis responded to some questions about how the new fire station will be different compared to the original building and location.

There have been some major improvements over the previous fire station located directly in the downtown area of Granville.

“The most noticeable improvement is the ability to have all of our space contained in one building instead of being spread between three buildings,” Fire Chief Casey Curtis said, “We have integrated classroom-style training as well as hands-on training elements that allow for basic fire and EMS training to advanced rope and rescue operations.”

There will be faster response times to emergencies because of the location of the new building.

“Our response times will be improved, but at this point the data is too new to get a real impact, ” Curtis said. “Being in one building and with the use of some high-end technology, we are getting out the door very quick (this is called turn-out time),” Curtis said.

“A large percentage of our runs go to Middleton Senior Living and Kendal At Granville. We are closer to them so that improves times. We are also located closer to the freeway and once the construction is complete that will improve as well,” Curtis said.

The current fire station was in need of some updates. The building was originally used by volunteers in the 1970s.

These are members of Granville Hose Company No.1 on 1927. photo credits Peter Pirsch and The Granville Fire Department.

“An important note the old station was built for volunteer firefighters only in 1972, the two houses were built in the early 1800s!” Curtis noted.

With the new building came some updates to the comfort of living that the on and off-duty firefighters can take advantage of.

“My favorite part is the workout facility and then the kitchen,” Cutis said. “They are just some really nice spaces for the firefighters to get and stay healthy. The kitchen is a place to bond as family and spend meals together. They are very social spaces that help build the team.”