Christmas safety provokes a redirect in holiday shopping

Picture created @ (Made by Wyatt Rivers)

Wyatt Rivers

With the pandemic keeping many indoors and closing shops for good, it is not hard to believe that Christmas shopping will be more difficult this year. Even if shops decide to keep their doors open, with strict business rules to come alongside it, there will still be many people out there who don’t feel the most comfortable with exposing themselves in public areas. This is where quarantine highlights and popularizes the ever-expanding populous of online shopping.

Online shopping is not breaking news for the public in any sort of matter. Online shopping has been around forever thanks to the help of Amazon, Ebay and other retail websites. It has been an option for many, granting them the opportunity to purchase something instantly without leaving your home. This was a glory to a great sum of people, but many others had strayed away, mostly due to the potentially long wait for the purchased item to arrive; the event in which a person(s) miss the experience of in-store shopping. This is heavily present as the Christmas shopping season approaches. Quarantine is making online shopping the most popular and safe choice, and many of the public will see this as either a painless alternative or a bummer solution.

Zach Ledbetter, a working assistant contractor, is an example of one of the many individuals who will be upset in the absence of in-store shopping in regards to their safety. “Nothing will come close in capturing the spirit of Christmas than shopping with your family and gandering at all of the cool lights and decorations,” Ledbetter said.

For many other families, on the contrary, they may prefer online shopping over the in-store experience any day; with quarantine making it near impossible for it to leave its mark on their shopping tradition. Matt Hoffer and his family are a great example of this occurrence. “We have been avid online shoppers for the longest time. I’ve always hated the long lines, and Black Friday has always been a nightmare. Online is easy and worth the delivery waiting time,” explains Hoffer.


Above is a pie graph indicating the average and ratio of online v in-store shoppers and the popular choice. It would seem, that as of today, online shopping has reached a new populous desire over in-store purchasing. Visit the link below to see the individual statistics for shopping preferability.

Now that online shopping made its way in order to provide a safer alternative for the holidays, where should the people start? What stores and websites provide the easement that is holiday shopping. Well, luckily for the consumers, almost every store recognized by the masses has an online web page.


Founded in 1948 and starting its online chapter in 1999, Dick’s Sporting Goods is the hot spot for sports fans. With their online deal, you can select from their large stock and inventory; whether you’re looking for equipment, sportswear or casual wear, Dick’s has got your back.


Founded in 1962 and creating its online web page in 2007, Walmart is truly the store that has almost everything. A popular place to hit, especially during the Christmas season, their online solution is no different; if it is in their store, it is on their website. Clothes, toys, books, movies, electronics and games, Walmart has it all.


Founded in 1962 and uploading its website in 2003, Kohl has been the go-to for retail on clothing. With their large assortment of all kinds of wear, the gift-giving capabilities that come with the pursuit of their clothing are nearly endless. If you find yourself needing a new hoodie, jeans, t-shirts and many more; Kohl’s inventory is sure to give you a run for your money.


Founded in 1966 and starting its online career in 2000, they originally started with selling music and kitchen appliances. Moving into the modern era, Best Buy has upgraded its stock to that of innovative technologies and the latest electronic gear. Phones, computers, consoles and other electronic gear are sure to make all lovers of technology jump for joy. With their online solution, purchasing this electronic couldn’t be easier, no long lines and rushing to get that special new iPhone.


Speaking of another retailer that has it all, Amazon was founded in 1994 and directed straight to online in 1995, making it the youngest producer on the list. Taking its endless stock from warehouses all around the world, this company is sure to find the special gift you so desire. With the way Amazon currently, and has always worked; if it exists, then you can buy it. <—– HOLIDAY SHOPPING SURVEY