NHS has a different type of induction ceremony


The National Honors Society officers had to get creative with this year’s induction ceremony due to Covid-19 restrictions. Instead of an in-person ceremony to induct the 41 new members, they did a video format.

“Mrs. Henderson and her group of advisers came up with some different ideas for the induction night video and the induction night box,” said Principal Matt Durst. “We tried to make it as special and as unique as possible given our current situation.”

Adviser Judith Henderson and the NHS officers explored a variety of options however, the video induction seemed to be the best option given the current situation. 

“It was much more work and planning than in past years, but we wanted to make this year special for the new inductees despite the difficult circumstances,” said Henderson. “The officers did an amazing job of putting together special induction night boxes for the new members that included a ceremony program, book, candle and honor cords for the senior members.”

In order to be accepted into the NHS, students must meet a number of requirements regarding their academics, community service, character qualities and more. 

The induction ceremony video includes an introduction message from Henderson, a speech from Durst, pictures and quotes from new members, and so much more. You can watch the induction video here!