No homework weekend positively impacts students

Wyatt Rivers

Thanksgiving break is just around the corner and students are excited to take a nice break from school, considering that it is indeed a no homework weekend. This will be the 4th year in our high school’s history establishing the rule and how it positively influences the students. The idea was brought about by the staff in order for students to ignore school and course through their break stress-free. 

There still is just one more exception to the no-homework rule. Even though no new homework will be passed out, students who have missing assignments will still have to turn in their late work when they come back from break, according to Durst.

 “They can still benefit from the no-homework advantage. It allows them to focus on their missing work whilst also not having to worry about any oncoming homework.” 

With all of the positive aspects aside, now is time to consider more serious topics. COVID-19 is still extremely prevalent in our country and it is still extremely important to follow the best-needed protocols. Many have suspected that school would surely close after large breaks such as Thanksgiving, but according to Mr. Durst, the school is greatly impacted by how responsible families are with the current pandemic. 

As of now, our school has a low chance of closing and many want to keep it that way. So, in order to do so, Durst explained how students must follow the same protocols as you did when we were unfortunately sent home back in March. 

“If students fail to do so, and are indeed asymptomatic, then we are at great risk of a large number of students coming back to school with the virus. If this were to ensue, then student tracking would be activated. Not only will those who came to school carrying the virus be sent home, but also will those they had come in close proximity to in their classes.” 

The school would look very different then, with those not affected allowed to stay in class. The school would be much more empty and would seem quite strange to traverse. With those possibilities in mind, the staff encourages students to please take protocol into great consideration.

They want to keep the school going and eliminate the difficult transition that is online learning. Zoom will possibly be seeing quite the boost in usage depending on how many families with be visiting each other from a digital standpoint. Knowing how truly strange and difficult this Thanksgiving will be, the staff sends their best regards and hopes that everyone has a great Thanksgiving, despite how many students may be missing out on the family fun.