Top 5 types of Draco Malfoy TikTok edits


The opening TIkTok screen Photo Credit: Abigail Tracy

Abigail Tracy

A new genre of videos recently popped up on the popular social media platform TikTok. Under the hashtag, #dracotok, there are thousands of videos about Draco Malfoy, a villain in the Harry Potter film series, based on the Harry Potter novels by J.K Rowling. On dracotok, you can find different kinds of edits, videos made by combining pictures, videos, music, and movie quotes, all about Draco Malfoy. About one month ago, I found myself immersed in dracotok, watching hundreds of videos a week, all relating to Draco. These edits, I have found out, fall into many different categories. After watching dracotok for awhile now, I have come up with my top 5 favorite types of Draco edits.

5. A Draco glow up: While glow up edits are common the TikTok world, the edits on dracotok surpass others. Not only are viewers able to see adorable “baby” Draco turn into the handsome young man he is at the end of the films, but they are able to watch how the high expectations his father has of him affect how he ages not only physically, but mentally. These edits emphasize his emotions, allowing for his growth to be understood by the audience. While I do love a good Draco glow up edit, many of them can be repetitive, using the same pictures, music, and ideas.

4. Sad Draco: These edits are guaranteed to make Draco fans shed tears. Capturing the true story of Draco Malfoy, the videos are well planned, using sad toned music and quotes from the movie to evoke sympathy within viewers. Draco’s title of “villain” deteriorates as the edits emphasize the fact that he had no choice to be a bad guy. These edits are well thought out and their message places a spotlight onto the underlying truth of Draco’s life. While I recommend checking out the sad side of Dracotok, I must say to proceed with caution, for there are edits that are so sad they will hit right in the heart and put you in your feels.

3. Draco’s ending rewritten: “Finally. The true ending” Tom Felton himself commented on a rewritten ending edit. Creators are rewriting Draco’s ending in creative and captivating ways. Fans all around the world believe that Draco deserved better and should have had a happier ending. Creators who are making these edits are taking what they believe should have happened and are bringing it to life. Each edit tells a different story, giving Draco the ending he deserved. While it is not my favorite type of dracotok edit, the creativity and thought which goes into these videos deserve recognition for giving fans a realistic and settling alternate ending.

2. Hot Draco: Even if you have not seen the Harry Potter movies, or read the books, the moment you watch “hot Draco” edits, you will develop a crush. Creators take videos and pictures of Draco they find attractive, and for someone with a fictional crush, I can attest that they are in fact that. These edits will draw you into dracotok in a matter of seconds, for you will not be able to look away from the handsome and charming Draco. The first time I ever saw a hot Draco edit, I was on TikTok for hours scrolling through the endless videos entrapped in the blonde haired villain that Draco is. I highly recommend checking these videos out, although be careful, you might suddenly get sucked into dracotok. Although there is no problem with that.

1.Troy Bolton vs. Draco Malfoy: Something I would never expect to see on dracotok, but now that I have seen it, I am invested. TikTok creator, emily8xox, came up with an edit so brilliant, it takes the number one spot over any other edit I have seen. Combining two completely different movie genres and character types, emily8xox created a mini series on her page where she is in a love triangle with Draco Malfoy and Troy Bolton for Disney’s High School Musical movies. Never would I have ever thought that these two characters would make good entertainment until I watched these edits. The drama, the emotion, the plot, it all comes together beautifully and tells a story of Draco and Troy competing to win the heart of emily8xox. If you are into drama shows, watch these edits, they are better than any soap opera I have ever watched. I have no complaints about these pieces of art. I only hope to see more on my for you page soon.