Planning for Halloween 2020


Mike DeWine announced on September 17, 2020 that Halloween will be able to happen this year in Ohio. He hopes the annual holiday celebrations will bring back some normalcy.  If all the guidelines are followed and people are cautious then Halloween must go on. I believe that DeWine is working hard to find a safe way for everyone to enjoy their holiday. Our federal and state government are working hard to get us back on our feet.

DeWine has put some guidelines out that people taking part inĀ  trick-or-treat must follow. DeWine states that masks should be worn at all times, social distancing should be in effect always, and no one should leave their home if they are sick. He also recommends that people should do a drive through trick-or-treat instead of traditional trick-or-treat. That way there is less of a chance of the virus being spread.

Some will argue that people will still be coming in contact with each other and Covid-19 can still be transmitted. Although they will still be in contact with each other, the precautions that are encouraged to be taken are to keep everyone safe. It is just the matter of fact if people will abide by the wishes our governor has put out for Ohio citizens. The government is doing all they can to prevent the Covid cases getting higher while also trying to give the people freedom. Our government is in a difficult place right now because either way people are going to be unhappy.

People passing out candy are encouraged to only hand out wrapped candy in hopes to relieve stress on everyone. The aim is for people to disinfect wrapped candy prior to handing it out as well. Also social distancing will be in effect. As long as everyone is safe and cautious Halloween will be a fun, normal holiday event.