Paying attention to changing climate during the pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has been the center of everyone’s focus for nearly a whole year, and for good reason. The pandemic deserves to be talked about and there are still pressing issues related to the disease. But that doesn’t mean that we should forget about the other problems that the world faces at this time.

Global warming has been considered a threat to our way of life for decades. The first reports of the dangers of effecting the global climate date back to the early 19th century.

People need to understand the weight of the issue of climate change, and we need to work to fix what we can as soon as we can, even during the pandemic. The youth of today should work to solve the problem laid in front of us. It may be the biggest challenge we face as a group in our lifetimes, and if we wait for to long we may lose the only chance we have.

If you are wondering what we can do specifically to help combat climate change, here are some suggestions.

  • Spread the word: Anyone can help to spread the word about the dangers of the changing climate. Using social media is a great option when trying to reach as many people as possible. You can use social media as a tool for informing your friends and family on the facts about climate change.
  • Lifestyle Change: Changing the way that you eat or travel can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. Switching to a less meat-based diet has huge benefits for the environment, and if you switch to all locally sourced foods these benefits are even larger.
  • Political action: Calling local representatives can be just as effective as changing your habits or convincing your friends and family of change. For those of us in Granville, we have some options. You can call mayor Melissa Hartfield or Licking County Auditor Micheal Smith.

This earth is the only one we have. So lets make sure that we take care of it together. Every bit counts, so go out and do your part.