Opinion: Underclassmen should give their extra tickets to seniors on senior nights


Senior Gabby Black walks across the court on senior night with her family. Photo Credit: Liz Fruechtnicht

Abigail Tracy

Senior athletes of fall sports are only granted a limited number of tickets on their senior night, which for some families is not enough. They are left scrambling to try and find extra tickets. On the other hand, many underclassmen athletes find themselves with extra tickets they don’t need on senior night. Only a few give them up to senior athletes, most give them to non-student athletes who ask.

Instead of giving their tickets to students, they should give them to any senior athlete who might need extras.

Some students from the senior class argue that they should be allowed to attend these sporting events to support their friends.

“It’s very important to support some of our friends during their last high school season.”Senior Jordan Hammond said. “I think it’s definitely possible to allow seniors to attend while keeping healthy distances with how big the stadiums are and how beneficial a mask can be.”

The senior athletes, however, are the ones who actually play the sport and they want their family there.

“I have been asked if I have extra tickets for senior night by students several times,” senior cheerleader Liz Fruechtnicht said. “I don’t even have enough for my family to go.”

Senior athletes have been waiting for this night since their freshman year. It is a celebration of the athletes and they want their families, who were there from the very beginning, to attend. It is difficult for seniors to pick and choose between their family members, of whom all hold value to them. It is one night where seniors wish that all extra tickets be offered to them first.

Parents of senior athletes should encourage underclassmen and their parents to give their extra tickets to the senior families who need them in hope that the class of 2021 athletes are able to have their loved ones come and watch them finish their high school athletic career.