Athletes pumped for weight room reopening

Photo by Whit Miller

Amid Covid-19 restrictions, the weight room reopened, allowing high school athletes to begin off-season workouts. According to the high school as well as our new strength coach, Dan Inglis, students who are out of season will be able to access the school weight room along with their off-season workout programs starting on Sept. 8.

“Students are required to sign in on a Covid form, and whatever an athlete touches they clean,” Inglis said.

Students will also be required to wear masks and can only use equipment that is integral to their workouts. Matt Durst, principal, also confronted the issue of contract tracing and how it will still be in effect in the weight room setting.

“There will be cohorts of people in the weight room, athletes will be with the same people and they will clean what they touch,” Durst said.

Students will be able to access the weight room Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school and will have to sign in and wear masks. Masks will be required based on how strenuous the activities are, according to Matt Durst. Student athletes will sign in and complete a symptoms checklist to ensure protection from spreading the virus and the weight room will be kept at a safe capacity that ensures social distancing.

“We have had as many as fifty in there, but likely limit it to fifty,” Athletic Trainer Steve Rose said.

Despite the increased regulations and restrictions due to the pandemic, the reopening of the weight room is exciting and anticipated by both student-athletes as well as coaches and trainers. The challenge, however, is to keep it open and safe as the pandemic is still a significant threat.

As Coach Inglis put it, “we have the extra layers of protection to keep people safe”.