Durst, Carpenter sign two-year contracts


The two big men on campus have recently signed new contracts that will keep them at the high school for the next four years.  Mr. Durst and Mr. Carpenter both recently have stepped into new roles this year, with Durst becoming head principal and Carpenter changing from a math teacher to the assistant principal.

Blueprints was able to talk to Mr. Durst about his recent changes in his career.

“I never would have thought I was going to become a principal when I started here as a guidance counselor almost fifteen years ago,” said Durst, who started here as one of the three guidance counselors and has worked himself up to be a principal.

“This year has been a major adjustment,” said Durst. “It’s a lot less dealing with student discipline which is good, but I also miss interacting with the students of Granville High School.”

He says the new job is a lot more dealing with the things that happen behind the scenes of the school, while the assistant principal interacts with the students more.

When asked about the upcoming trip to Costa Rica, Durst said he’s really looking forward to it, and he would consider this one of the perks of being principal.

This year has also had many new difficulties with being principal.  The freshmen class was the biggest to come through the high school, which meant he had to find new room for all the young new students, this also meant he had to add some new teachers to the staff.

The new principal was also faced with dealing with the most teacher retirements that there has been in recent years.  Although “there looks to be no retirements this summer so that will be nice” said Durst.

Durst and Carpenter have both done well with their newly acquired jobs and there seems to be no problems with the changes that have come to the high school.